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Powerbox Pro



N-Audio的Powerbox Pro/Mk2 是一台效果器的電源供應器。它不像一般的廉價的電供(許多很貴的電供用料跟設計都很差,但標榜「獨立」),Powerbox是建基於一種極高品質的變壓器,具有降低磁通量密度(Flux Density)的功能,減少很多的噪音。Powerbox也提供了你5-7組獨立電源的隔離輸出組。每個組可以為2台單顆效果器供電(一共10-14孔),加上Y parallel Cable 分接,可以接上十幾台效果器。其中一些輸出組的電壓可以透過在頂部的小DIP開關自由切換9v/15v/18V/24V。所有的輸出孔都有短路保護裝置。

N-Audio Powerbox Pro/Mk2確保能顯著地降低噪聲和解決接地迴路噪音問題。

另外,由於採用了很好的電流隔離,你可以用它供應需要「內正外負」(Center Positive Supply)的效果器,例如Fuzz Faces/Germanium Boosters/Tycobrahe Octavia Style Octavers等等......



2.多孔9VDC,Pro版可高達1500mA,還有12VDC/15VDC/18VDC/24VDC (Pro版有高輸出的9VAC/12VAC 可供選擇!)

3.特製4個輸出,專門為敏感型效果器而設,如wah/fuzz 及dis,可以讓這些效果器不會干擾

4.Powerbox Pro/Mk2 有非常棒的110V-220V 切換。我們使用很好的傳統的變壓器,比一般獨立電供更強大及安靜







特別贈送 : 1條xDoubler Y paralell cable (分接用)



Powerbox PRO Pedalboard Power Supply for Effect Features :

9 VAC, 9/12 VDC Outputs 1-4

Four high current AC or DC outputs. Each of these output groups can deliver maximum 1500mA for 9VAC effects like a Digitech Whammy, JamMan, Line6 pedals, ISP Theta and many more. Can be used also as a high current DC supply for your Strymon, Eventyde, TC electronics, Line6 etc, multi effect processors or loopers. Works great with any low power effects too.


9/12 VDC Outputs 5-8

These outputs can deliver up to 520mA current per group. They are idealy high current DC effects like Strymon, Eventyde, TC electronics, Line6 etc, multi effect processors or loopers. Works great with any low power effects too.



9/15/18/24 VDC Outputs 9-10

These outputs are ideally for some 24 volt Electro-Harmonics effects, 18 volt boosters/overdrive pedals like Cmat mods Browne. Can power 15 volt Radial Tonebone effects and also high current 9 VDC effects. Works great with any low power effects too.

Ultra Low Noise 9.5 VDC  Outputs 11-14

These ultra low noise outputs simulates 9 volt alkaline battery and can deliver up to 100mA per group. They has less than 130dB noise at 5mA current consumption. They are ideal for any sensitive low power analog pedal like wah pedal, overdrive pedal, booster, distortion, compressor etc.


What's in the box :

Powerbox PRO is available in a kit of all necessary cables for powering effects, which content:

· Standard IEC power cord with EU, UK or US plug (Australian plug not available)

· Eight standard black cables with a diameter of ø5.5/ø2.1mm and  length of 50cm

· Two (red and blue) cables with diameter of ø5.5/ø2.5mm and length of 35cm

· One black cable with 3.5mm mono jack output and length of 35cm

· Three reverse polarity cables with a length of 15cm

· One current doubler Y parallel cable

Specifications :

· Dimensions: 19х5х9cm

· Weight: 1.8Kg

· DC output voltage: 9, 12, 15, 18, 24 VDC

· AC output voltage: 9 VAC (12 VAC on request)

· Seven galvanically isolated groups

· Outputs: 14 outputs ø5.5/ø2.1mm center negative

· Operation indications: 7 control LEDs

· Mains supply: 230/240 VAC or 100/110 VAC

· Mains transformers: 50/60 Hz transformers with reduced flux density

· Protections: mains fuse, short circuit protected outputs

· Handcrafted in Europe

· Warranty: 5 years

Outputs voltage and maximum current consumption:
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